Creative Director

Nicholas Hardy – Creative Director at FACTORY311 – Factory311 Creative Director Nicholas Hardy has made it his personal goal to defy this, putting modern day technology at the forefront of his International Visual Production Agency. Back in 2007, Hardy knew his passions, and wanted to focus on a way of exploiting them.

Based in Manchester at his kitchen table, Hardy began exploring his own creativity, and slowly concocting his own recipe of ideas. With only a computer as his tool, he realized the opportunities of modern technology and jumping head first into the digital world. Staying with his ‘what feels right attitude’, Hardy began building his own agency, working with a broad range of creative professionals from all around the world.

Now Nicholas Hardy and Daniel Haim have come head to head to create a unique thinking operation that is set to turn the traditional way of advertising up side down.

Artistic Director

Former founder, artistic director, producer and writer of a New Orleans based theater company, Nancy is a self proclaimed jack of all trades and aspiring renaissance woman. Having traveled across four continents, and picking up a handful of languages in the process, Nancy found a home in the Big Easy, where she has been working as an editor and writer on nationally and internationally published articles. She would like to thank Daniel for indulging her love of the written word by bringing her on-board as head editor of