Film Editor

Iain Alexander is a specialist in entertainment news, technology and social media. Since graduating from the International Film School of Paris in 2007, Iain has dedicated much of his time to helping others succeed in the film industry and promoting global video contests including the Peter Jackson short film competition and the BBC documentary contest ‘MyWorld’. From interviewing BAFTA and Oscar winners to New York Times best sellers and business leaders, Iain has a unique perspective of the industry. He has also directed several low budget music videos and helps charities promote their causes through his various networks.

Artistic Director

Former founder, artistic director, producer and writer of a New Orleans based theater company, Nancy is a self proclaimed jack of all trades and aspiring renaissance woman. Having traveled across four continents, and picking up a handful of languages in the process, Nancy found a home in the Big Easy, where she has been working as an editor and writer on nationally and internationally published articles. She would like to thank Daniel for indulging her love of the written word by bringing her on-board as head editor of

Arts & Culture Editor

Biography: Julija started writing interviews on the blogosphere and over time evolved into a cosmopolitan journalist. For over a year she has held a position as the Arts & Culture Editor at Bloginity and recently joined the Virgin empire. Julija is now a music columnist at Virgin’s Red Room. Her works were also published in Dazed Digital, Wonderland magazines, and 160 grams magazines. “The more I explore the world of art, the more it blows my mind. I am always motivated to find new artists, whether they are music makers, designers or awesome photo takers. I want to introduce those creatives in my own way and I feel that interview wise is a good one to do so.”- says Julija.